After the US in 2022, the end of 3G connectivity in Canada is coming soon.
August 3, 2023
The end is near, Are you ready!?

Dear IMETRIK users, cellular carriers in Canada have announced their intentions of shutting down 3G and 3.5G networks. Rogers has announced their sunset date of December 2025. Rogers is the carrier predominantly used by IMETRIK for the 3G/3.5G devices. Bell and Telus have not made an official announcement, but have indicated that it will also be in December 2025, or earlier. In order to ensure that your assets always have active tracking devices, IMETRIK suggests the following:

Stop recycling your 3G and 3.5G devices (Any devices starting with an F) and start using our 4G devices. (Devices starting with a Q)
You may use the older 3G and 3.5G devices as decoy units, as the LEDs will still blink.
If you wish to have additional information, please feel free to contact your Representative at 1.877.940.3028

IMETRIK Disclosure

3G and 3.5G Device Obsolescence Disclosure and Terms & Conditions:

I understand that several mobile carriers are planning to shut down their 3G and 3.5G networks at different times towards the end of 2025 or possibly earlier.I understand and accept that the IMETRIK 3G and 3.5G devices that I purchased and wish to activate will lose connectivity (cease to operate) when this shut down happens.I understand and accept that the IMETRIK warranty does not apply to devices that lose connectivity due to carrier 3G and 3.5G shutdown, as this is not a device defect.

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