RCI wireless control

Innovation. Long-term value. Uncompromised performance.

The most advanced GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions in the Car finance Industry

  • Sell higher value (ACV) vehicles with lower risk to buyers who might not have otherwise qualified for these purchases
  • Finance customers with smaller down payments
  • Reduce collection time, increase selling time
  • Reduce delinquencies and defaults by buyers, thereby lowering repossessions
  • Reduce collection costs and enable collectors to handle more accounts
  • Increase cash flow, improve receivable & profitability
Car rental gps tracker

RCI Wireless Control is a GPS vehicle tracking provider serving the subprime industry. with absolutely no hidden sign up or activation fees.

This automotive financing solution is a powerful and efficient tool for Buy-Here Pay-Here (BHPH) car dealers, car credit companies and lenders wishing to experience more on-time payments, fewer repossessions and greater profits.

Our GPS Vehicle tracking solution improves customers’ payment behavior and enables you to protect your assets.

  • No Setup Fees
  • No Activation Fees
  • No Monthly Fees
RCI wireless control

RCI GPS tracking system

Our system will improve your overall operations & efficiency

Makes it easier to manage high credit risk customers.
It helps avoid payment delinquencies & increases asset recovery.

More on-time payments

Fewer repossessions and greater profits.

Increased sales

Extend credit to a broader customer base.

Reduce Payment Delinquency

By as much as 70%.

Convincing numbers

Please review the survey results below conducted by the National Alliance of Buy Here, Pay Here Dealers (NABD)*

RCI wireless control
Believe the use of payment devices allows them greater flexibility in their credit granting criteria.
Believe the use of payment devices allows them to sell higher value (acv) vehicles with less risk.
Believe the use of payment devices allows them to finance customers with smaller down payments or deferred down payments.
Believe that their customers are generally responsive to the payment reminder warning.

* In October 2011 the National Alliance of Buy Here, Pay Here Dealers (NABD) completed an on-line survey of operators (including both dealers and finance companies) which focused on the benefits to consumers from the proper use of payment assurance devices. The study included responses from 119 operators and users of more than 110,000 units.
More info about the survey

GPS Tracking Solution

GPS Tracking Solution

Also a great way to keep an eye on your fleet and prevent theft and abuse of your assets, WITHOUT the monthly fees.

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Car Rental & Leasing

GPS Vehicle Tracking devices are ideal for car rental companies. You don’t always know who you are renting to but with our GPS vehicle tracking you can know exactly where they are.

Car rental companies can significantly benefit by using our GPS vehicle tracking systems. GPS tracking gives exact location, history, over speed alerts and boundary crossing notifications with starter disable. With a click of a button, view all your rental vehicles on a single map.

Fleet Tracking

GPS and Track has changed the way fleet tracking is done. With the fleet trackers there are no monthly fees. Real-time GPS tracking can be a game changer for business. Fleet tracking can increase productivity, lower costs, and increase profits. Our fleet tracking platform is upgraded with new free features constantly. Get real time fleet tracking with an easy to use platform.

Construction Equipment

Keep an eye on your equipment at all time. Hardwired or wireless devices installed in the equipment while in the field. Keep a GEO fence around the construction site and be notified if ever the asset leaves the site. Even wondered where that piece of equipment is at, simply look it up instantly online.

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