Maximizing Efficiency and Profits with GPS Tracking Systems for Fleet Management

At RCI, our GPS tracking systems transform fleet management with real-time vehicle monitoring. Our robust, no-monthly-fee solutions boost operational efficiency, reduce costs, and optimize asset utilization, empowering businesses with a smarter, more profitable approach to fleet operation.

Take your fleet management to the next level with our advanced GPS fleet tracking services. Our suite of innovative GPS tracking devices is designed to provide comprehensive monitoring of your fleet vehicles. Experience unparalleled oversight and control, all with the added advantage of no monthly fees.

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RCI Wireless offers cutting-edge GPS fleet tracking services. Our suite of GPS tracking devices will revolutionize how you monitor your fleet vehicles with no monthly fees....

Asset Tracking: GPS tracking devices provide real-time location tracking, ensuring the security of your rental vehicles and equipment.

Efficient Fleet Management: GPS tracking streamlines fleet operations, enabling you to easily monitor vehicle locations.

Enhanced Customer Service: With precise tracking, you can provide accurate information to customers regarding the location and availability of rental vehicles or equipment.

Data-Driven Decision-Making: Fleet tracking GPS systems allow fleet managers to leverage information about usage patterns and performance to make informed decisions about fleet expansion, vehicle maintenance schedules, and other aspects of your rental business.

Our plug-and-play GPS fleet trackers and easy-to-use GPS tracking software provides you with all the dashboard views and drill down capabilities you need to quickly track, manage and locate your entire fleet of assets.

  • No Setup Fees
  • No Activation Fees
  • No Monthly Fees


A Comprehensive Fleet Management Solution Without Monthly Fees


Real-Time Insights Stay in control with real-time GPS tracking device data at your fingertips. Our GPS fleet tracking solution provides immediate updates on your fleet's location, allowing you to make informed decisions. With fleet tracking services tailored to your needs, you'll always be a step ahead.
Reduced Costs Budgets matter, and our GPS fleet monitoring helps you cut unnecessary expenses. With our GPS fleet tracking system, you can optimize routes, reduce fuel consumption, and increase the overall efficiency of your fleet operations.
Enhanced Safety Safety is a priority. RCI's fleet tracker ensures the safety of your drivers with features like over-speed alerts, geo fencing alerts, and starter disable. Monitor your fleet and respond to any issues promptly.
GPS Fleet Tracking - No Monthly Fees We understand the importance of affordability. Unlike many competitors, RCI Wireless offers GPS fleet tracking with no monthly fees, putting you in control of your budget.
Streamlined Operations Efficiency and productivity go hand in hand. With RCI's fleet tracking system, you can streamline your operations, reduce downtime, and ensure your fleet is always on the move.
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Choose RCI Wireless for Your Fleet Vehicle GPS Tracking...

RCI Wireless offers state-of-the-art GPS fleet tracking systems, tailored solutions, and a commitment to affordability with no monthly fees.

Our goal is simple: to help your fleet operate at peak efficiency, reduce costs, and improve safety. With RCI Wireless, your business is set to thrive in the modern world of fleet management.

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What is GPS Fleet Tracking and How Does it Work?

GPS Fleet Tracking is a system that uses the Global Positioning System to monitor and manage vehicles in a fleet. It works by installing GPS devices in each vehicle, which transmit data like location, speed, and direction to a central system, enabling real-time tracking and management.

Why do Companies Want to Track Their Fleet?

Rental companies track their fleet to enhance vehicle security, optimize asset utilization, and improve customer service. GPS tracking enables them to monitor vehicle locations, reduce the risk of theft, and offer better availability to customers, ultimately leading to increased operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Why RCI Wireless Tracking for Fleets?

Our GPS tracking systems for fleet management are a great fit for a wide range of businesses due to its advanced technology, robust, tamper-proof devices, and cost-effectiveness with no monthly fees. Our systems offer comprehensive real-time tracking, geofencing, and detailed reporting, enhancing fleet security and operational efficiency.

What are the Benefits of Fleet Tracking?

The benefits of fleet tracking include enhanced security and valuable insights into vehicle usage, leading to better asset utilization and informed business decisions, ultimately contributing to increased profitability.

How Much Does Fleet Management Tracking Cost?

The cost of fleet management tracking varies based on factors like fleet size, desired features, and device types. RCI Wireless Control offers competitive pricing with the advantage of no monthly fees, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses seeking comprehensive fleet tracking services.

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