• Full Live Tracking 60 to 120 Sec interval
  • Hardwired covert installation
  • Input Voltage: DC9V ~80V
  • Power Draw sleep mode ~5mA
  • Optional Starter Interruper
  • Optional Payment remider buzzer
  • Backup battery with tamper alert
  • 4G LTE Technology with 3G Fallback

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v410 Features

Feature Included


Designed for Motorsport, machinery or where it must be installed where water may be present.


GPS locating and tracking

With one click you can open a map to see exactly where your device is and where it's been.
If the vehicle is in movement, you will be able to follow it live on the map. If it is stopped, the address of its location is displayed and for how long.
You have the option of using the Map View or Satellite view to monitor your device. You also have access to the Google street view feature.


History Playback

Our platform will store history for up to 90 days. You can easily search by date to see the full activity of your device.

Our system records all device movements and addresses where the device has stopped for more then a 5 minute period.

The history playback feature is designed to show you a visual playback of where their device has traveled throughout the day.


Top Stop Report

Produce a report where the car stops at most frequently in a given time period. It can be the top 1, 3, 5 or 10 most stop locations. You can also download a full report on a PDF. Very useful for repossession when a device may have been tampered with.


Asset Mapping

Get an instant overview of the individual locations of all assets in your entire fleet. With one click, enjoy online visibility of the last location recorded for each and every vehicle. Zoom in or out. Set a GEO fence or speed alerts for your entire fleet in seconds.


GEO Fencing Alerts

Geofencing allows you to be notified if a device enters or exits an area. This can be as small as a parking lot, or as big as a country.
A geofence will alert you with the exact time your device enters or leaves a designated area. You draw the perimeter with your mouse directly on the map. Round, square or polygon shape. You may set a GEO Fence for a single asset, or your entire fleet and will be synchronized automatically when a device is installed.


24 Months Warranty

All of our products are warranted against manufacturing defects for a period of 24 months. The warranty period begins on the date of installation, not on the purchase date.
View complete warranty


Power Saver Management

Constantly monitors the power level of the device. Should a device experience a power loss due to tampering, a locate is performed and an alert message is sent by SMS and/or email.


Continuous Network Connectivity Monitoring

Clearly displays which vehicle is connected to the network and its location, continuously. Should for whatever reason we lose connectivity to a device, a colour code SIM Status will be updated. You can also set a message notification in your settings.


Speed Alert Notification

Speed alerts are the perfect way to monitor how your vehicle or asset is being driven. Setting a speed limit ensures that if your vehicle goes above a certain speed, you're going to know about it.

What better way to find out if your vehicle is being abused or driven in an irresponsible way. You set your own speed limit. It can be set for a single vehicle or your entire fleet.


Tow Movement Alert

For even more security surrounding your disabled devices. When sending the disable command, you may also choose to turn on this feature, which will notify you by SMS or email should the device detect any vehicular movement. Whether it’s being driven despite being disabled, or being towed for example.


Onboard Back-up Battery

Should, for some reason the device not get power, the internal automotive grade battery will provide hours of service.


Power Loss Alert

Constantly monitors the power level of the device. Should a device experience a power loss due to tampering, a locate is performed and an alert message is sent.


Bi-Daily Heartbeat

The system will automatically "PING" or take a presence of your assets every 12 hours. This process is to make sure the device is still reporting while it is in power saver mode. The system will then update its network Presence Indicator accordingly. Very useful if ever the device was tempered with or driven out of cellular coverage area or underground..


Starter Interrupter

One click of a mouse is all it takes to prevent the vehicle from starting. Live or scheduled at a future time. This lowers repossession costs and can also help prevent vehicle theft and / or unauthorized use.


Payment Reminder Buzzer

Our technology is designed to help you collect your money. With its internal buzzer, a friendly audible payment reminder can be sent to the driver. When the car is started and moving, the buzzer will sound for a few seconds - on demand or with a pre-set schedule.


Low Battery Alert

Prompts an alert if the device battery is below its effective power capacity.


QUICK Connect OBD Cable

The tracking module will also install quickly using our optional Quick Connect OBD II connector. This allows the user to connect the module using a pass-through cable to the OBDII port for power and ground.


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