GPS Tracker for Boat

Secure your prized marine investments with RCI's no-monthly-fee boat GPS trackers, offering the pinnacle of security with real-time tracking and location updates for your boats and other marine vehicles. Experience peace of mind knowing your marine assets are always safeguarded and ready for your next aquatic adventure.

RCI Wireless Control delivers exceptional GPS tracking technology, adapted to the needs of marine vehicles, without the burden of monthly fees. Whether it’s for a personal fishing boat, speedboat, jet ski, or any rental marine equipment, our marine GPS tracker solutions put you in full control.

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Marine GPS Tracking - No Monthly Fee!...

RCI's robust, tamper-proof devices are your ally in securing high-value marine assets, keeping them safe from boat theft or unauthorized use. Opt for RCI for marine GPS tracking that blends advanced technology, utmost reliability, and cost-efficiency, granting you peace of mind on and off the water.

A standout feature of our boat tracker options is the absence of monthly fees. Our commitment is to ensure that every marina and boat owner can enjoy safety and peace of mind without a heavy financial burden.

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Marine GPS Trackers - Key Features

Step into the world of marine adventures with confidence, thanks to RCI Wireless Control’s advanced GPS tracking options. These state-of-the-art boat GPS tracker devices are the ultimate safeguard for your marine vehicles and equipment.

Our marine GPS tracking devices are equipped with the capability to provide precise location boat tracking updates in real time. Backed by a smart alerting system, this live tracking offers instant and accurate information about the location of your vessels.


Navigate Virtual Boundaries Utilize our geofencing capabilities to create virtual boundaries for your marine assets. Receive immediate asset tracking alerts if they move outside pre-set areas, ensuring superior control and security.
Tamper-Proof Protection Get instant notifications if there’s any tampering with your marine vehicles, enhancing the protection of your valuable assets.
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RCI Marine Tracking: Unmatched Protection & Affordability...

At RCI Wireless Control, we recognize the unique requirements of marine enthusiasts. Our GPS tracking devices do more than just locate your boats or jet skis; they provide a comprehensive security solution.

With real-time location tracking, instant alerts, and a commitment to no monthly fees, we ensure your marine adventures are secured without added financial strain. RCI Wireless Control is more than a service provider; we're your partner on the water, offering unmatched protection so you can focus on the joys of marine life.

Join us in navigating the waters confidently—your marine assets deserve the finest in GPS tracking technology.

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Can I put a tracker on my boat?

Absolutely, you can install a GPS tracker on your boat. This is a smart way to enhance security and keep tabs on your vessel, whether it's docked or out at sea. RCI Wireless offers specialized GPS boat trackers that are easy to install and provide real-time location updates, ensuring your peace of mind.

How accurate is the Boat GPS Tracker?

The accuracy of boat GPS trackers is remarkably high, often within a few meters. This precision is crucial for navigating challenging marine environments and for tracking your boat's location with confidence. RCI Wireless's GPS tracking technology ensures that you receive reliable and precise data for your maritime adventures or security needs.

Why RCI Wireless Tracking for boats?

RCI Wireless Tracking for boats is designed with mariners in mind. Our GPS tracking solutions offer water-resistant, robust devices that provide real-time location data, geofencing alerts, and unauthorized use detection. With no monthly fees, RCI Wireless presents an economical and effective way to safeguard and monitor your maritime assets.

What are the advantages of Boat Tracking?

Boat tracking provides numerous advantages, including enhanced security against theft, peace of mind when your boat is unattended, and the ability to monitor its location in real-time. It also aids in emergency situations by allowing quick location identification. For businesses, it optimizes fleet management and improves customer service by providing accurate rental return times and locations.

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